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ELux810 is a high-powered 810nm diode laser for permanent hair removal and skin treatments. Enhanced power means less pain and more effective results. ELux810 also treats all skin/hair types (light and dark), because of the various pulse mode selective programming.


SHORTER OPERATING TIME ELux810 Laser Hair Removal has the ability to operate at up to 10Hz, meaning a full back can be treated in as little as 7 minutes.

SAFETY AND COSTS ELux810 utilises a diode laser which is far more stable and uniform than other laser wavelengths used for hair removal. This results in a system that costs much less to maintain and has a safer and more effective result.

LESS PAIN ELux810 has a powerful, chilled tip cooling system to minimise pain and reduce the risk of burning.

VARIOUS APPLICATIONS ELux810 allows the operator to change their pulse mode from CW to short, long or combined pulses, or even a MultiPulse mode, which can protect darker skins. Also available, is a 940nm handpiece for treating fine lines, wrinkles and skin tightening. Coming soon will be a smaller spot-sized handpiece for effective vascular and pigmentation treatment.

ACCURACY ELux810 Specified Optical Device (SOD) uniformly radiates laser wavelengths, so that the treatments are more effective because it decreases the loss and scattering of laser light.